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Board and Action Group

The Board of Directors oversees strategy and finance. The board reflects an equal representation of the interests of the buyers and sellers of the medium. 

The Action Group considers the overall scope and direction of the research as well as all other technical matters. The group comprises the most senior and experienced research practitioners in the medium.

Route team 

A small team based near Baker Street undertakes the day-to-day commissioning, management and delivery of the research.

James Whitmore, Managing Director

James Whitmore portrait

Appointed Managing Director of Postar in 2006, James Whitmore continues in the same role at Route.

Katherine Page, Technical Consultant

Katherine Page

Katherine Page advises on all technical aspects of the research, overseeing fieldwork, modelling and validation.

Ian Wyatt, Information Manager

Ian manages and oversees the vast Route database. He is also responsible for the data validation process, ensuring that the Route currency is of the highest standard.

Euan Mackay, General Manager

Euan is responsible for ensuring things run on time while conducting analysis and communicating insights from the data. His role is to help keep Route relevant and ensure it remains current and accessible in the minds of stakeholders.

Reach over a day

Reach over a day

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