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Out and About, Under the Influence

The journeys of 30,000 people reveal a lot about our behaviour. We've mined this data to produce a set of entirely new statistics, and on the following pages you can discover trends and stories to enhance your understanding of out-of-home audience estimates.

What is the typical British commute? Which groups spend more time out and about? Who is more, and less, exposed to advertising out of the home?

Click through to Out and About to browse our insights and data.

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Read on for more resources and gems of knowledge that will inspire your creative outdoor planning. 

Cover charts

Click here to access top-line Route data graphs that should help you to optimise your planning.

Typical day reach charts

Look at audiences through the day using these audience charts. In twelve environments, the typical reach over a day is presented.

Thought pieces

Reflecting the progressive nature of the out-of-home industry, leaders in the field often publish opinion pieces in the trade press and elsewhere. We have highlighted some of the most relevant to Route in our Articles page.

Reach over a day

Reach over a day

Browse charts that show the changing reach for a typical day, in twelve environments View charts