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Cover Charts


The Route system is able to calculate the cover, frequency and GRPs of any given set of 100 or more advertising frames.

Click here to download the R14 all adults pack, which includes source data in Excel format together with JPEG chart files for each environment.

As the tube is located in London, we have run the analysis of that environment against a London BARB base. You will find this chart in the downloadable pack.

Comparison chart R14

Technical note

Please note that these charts reflect GRPs and cover for All Adults. In using the data you may wish to target a more specific audience, and results may vary depending on the type of frame you choose.

You might also find different results when running similar schedules to these. This is because there is natural variation in audiences for out-of-home formats. It will depend on how you select frames; here, we have created an average for randomly selected sets.

Reach over a day

Reach over a day

Browse charts that show the changing reach for a typical day, in twelve environments View charts