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Key statistics

...Out and About, Under the Influence

The following statistics relate to situations with a realistic opportunity to see outdoor adverts. (For more on Route's 'likelihood to see' measure, see Eye Tracking). The source data is Route R14.

Outdoor advertising: exposure

1. ABs are exposed to 74 ads per day- the most of any social group.

2. The proportion of time in view of an advert varies according to where you are. For example, in a rail station it is 21%; in a tube station, it's 48%; in indoor shopping centres, 10%.

3. The groups that both spend more time 'out and about', and that see more outdoor adverts, are:

  • Train commuters
  • Long-distance commuters
  • Residents of Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool
  • Under-35s that have a degree
  • 25-34 year olds
  • Full-time workers

We have looked at both time 'out and about' and exposure rate, on our Time vs. Exposure page.

There is also more detail to be found on our Social Grades and Regional Trends pages.

Outdoor advertising: benchmarks

The following can be said to be benchmarks for the outdoor industry, against which different categories can be evaluated.

1. The average British person is exposed to 71 outdoor adverts each day.

2. We are shown outdoor adverts at a rate of 0.4 per minute.

3. We can estimate that outdoor media comprises 28% of a person's 'media day'.*

Behavioural trends

1. The British public, on average, spends three hours and ten minutes in a public space each day. ('Public space' refers to anywhere that is not a workplace or a home; it includes anywhere that Route measures).

2. On average, we spend 16 minutes of our day in view of outdoor adverts. This represents 9% of our time 'out and about'.

3. We spend the same proportion of our time in view of an outdoor advert when making journeys on foot as when travelling in a vehicle (10% of the time). This is slightly higher than the average for any type of journey.

4. The most common commute duration in Britain is 20 minutes.

For more insight in this area please see our Commuting page.

* Based on an analysis that does not include 'dual screening', or concurrent media consumption. Sources: BARB, RAJAR, ComScore, NRS, JICREG.