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The image shown here depicts actual GPS traces from respondents in the Route survey in Birmingham. Where the lines are brighter white, more people have travelled.

Flow intensity heat map Birmingham

There are significant patterns in the flow intensities of people in Birmingham and London (which is seen below).

Flow intensity heat map London

Overall, people living in the largest cities in England are exposed to more advertising than the benchmark for Britain. Where the average person spends sees 71 ads in a day, those in Birmingham see 153.

In smaller cities, too, this trend can be seen: Liverpool residents see 97 adverts per day, and those in Sheffield see 85.

Birmingham case study

Often dubbed Britain's 'second city', Birmingham has a distinct set of trends all to itself that depict a specific pattern of behaviours. Our 'Out and About' research has shown that those in Birmingham spend more time overall in a public space; this time is accounted for by specific activities.

Birmingham dwellers spend 50% more time in cars than Londoners; 46% more time walking; and 4% more time in a shopping centre.

Comparative statistics for cities in England, Birmingham