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Time vs exposure

...Under the Influence

Our pioneering research and data analysis means that we can make distinctions between different groups, based on two discriminators: total time spent in a public space, and the amount of outdoor advertising they are exposed to.

Plotting both of these factors on a 'cruciform' graph, we can see patterns emerge which relate to the lifestyles and behaviours of different groups.

Cruciform chart

This diagrammatic graph has two axes: time spent 'out and about'; and total number of frames encountered, on average.

In the bottom left hand corner, we see typologies that are likely to spend more time at home. These people have a relatively short time 'out and about', and encounter less advertising than average.

In the top left hand corner, we have placed the groups that spend more time than average in a public space, but which are exposed to less outdoor advertising than others.

Bottom right, there's an interesting combination. These groups are shown a relatively large amount of advertising, but spend less time 'out and about' than others.

And in the top right quadrant are groups that both spend a relatively large amount of time in a public space, and encounter lots of advertising.