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Travel Survey

The red line shows the trace of a respondent carrying a GPS device.Waterloo












Tracking the country's movements

Ipsos MediaCT using GPS devices supplied by MGE Data conducts the travel survey fieldwork.
So far, 28,299 respondents have participated in the study.

Each respondent is asked to fill in a questionnaire and to carry a GPS meter for nine days; two weekends and five weekdays. The meter tracks their location, second-by-second, for the entire period.


The information is collated and plotted onto a framework map of Great Britain.

The study is continuous, with GPS devices in the field throughout the entire year, save two weeks at Christmas. The “survey year” runs from September to August. A further 5,000 participants are planned for 2013-2014. 

The MobiTest device (supplied by MGE Data) contains an accelerometer and can demonstrate not only location, but also type of movement. For more information see